Persephone trudges through mud and muck, with the devil’s dowry of

Exquisite seeds, Oh! Pomegranates and peonies! So hastily packed in a borrowed

Red plaid carpet bag.  Just chattel with benefits

She sadly admits, spilling secrets from her breast.

Oh Mama Bear, my Demeter, give pause to inflicting these

Nasty plagues, the likes of which the world has never seen.

Why oh why oh why?


Mother! My heart aches to touch your face,

And feel your relieved embrace.

No balm soothes like the silence of soul

Mates holding space

Affirmed love is holding hands.

Nothing cuts to the bone like betrayal, Oh Father!

Can you just tell me what I need to do

Amidst that creature from Hell you traded me to?

My immigrant heart aches to repatriate,

Eradicate fear that births this hate, a counterweight.

Recall those five words in a row

And you too can wince Zeus with the global eye-roll

That alone, though, won’t sink Hades’ heavy tome:

“Vanky, Vanky where’s my tanner and my Twitter-phone?”

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