This page could easily be titled “Why I keep my day job!” A selection of videos, vines, and short films I’ve contributed to.

Improv:  My improv team “Elderprov”

Link: Elderprov | July 21, 2018: Preparation H 

HIT promo:

Link: HIT Promo

A Happy Place: Some things I see in my happy place:

Link: The Cove

Wedding Day Serenade: I can’t sing, but I can serenade my daughter on her wedding day. The song I sung her to sleep with.

Link:  Wedding Day Serenade

One Loco Hombre`:  Zipline and drop to freshwater

Link:  Dropping Shakas from 45′

NASA Space Shuttle Launch Narration. Gripping use of the English language as friend and Navy Classmate Kay Hire blasts off into space:

Link:  Kay Hire Shuttle Launch

Work and Vine. I had this idea that a 6 second vine loop could help Market a 708,000 square foot warehouse in York, PA. The building leased, but the jury is still out on the Vine’s effectiveness.

Link:  FLC-83 Marketing Vine

I had a hand in making some short films:. While it will become clearly evident why I keep my day job, I had a ton of fun being part of these creative projects;  even when I have aline to recite:

Lady in the Tree:  I play the part of Searching Priest Nr. 1. in Lady in the Tree  won the Audience Choice Award at Harrisburg’s Vidjam 2016. We we’re told the theme “What goes up” 6 PM Friday evening, and had to deliver a finished sub-8 minute film on Sunday by 6 PM.  Creativity and deadlines are not natural lovers.

Link:  Lady in the Tree

Thanksgiving Magic. Kids say and do the darnedest things at family gatherings. I play Dad.

Link:  Thanksgiving Magic

Outtakes from Thanksgiving Magic:

Link:  Thanksgiving Magic Outtakes

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