Links to  most viewed posts along with some of my personal favorites.  

A Happy Queen   Reflecting on  life in the empty nest.

Daddy’s Princess  A “pre”wedding kick down memory lane.

Sleeping with a Grandmother  Celebrating the news our first grandchild was on the way.

I am the Father  Watching my son become a father.

Another Masters  Remembering Mom.

3 Minutes in Osceola Mills  Published piece on a Military funeral.  This is the gateway memoir that got me hooked on writing.

Love Always  A letter to my unborn grandchild.

Picture Perfect Why wedding photographers matter.

Cornfields.  Celebrating the life of Isaac, our Chocolate Lab

My Last Hello Addison Grace Holl. The best Santa role I may ever play.

Family Ink  Longer than most, this traces the path of a healing Cardinal along the thread of cancer woven through the fabric of my life.

A Class Spirit  A tribute to my Naval Academy Class.

How I got to Space  A fun memory on how I got to space with my friend Astronaut Kay Hire.

I thought She was a Nice Girl  Remembering the night I met Leigh.

Why I Write   Why I write.

Montel and Leeza   Another name-dropping, family vacation/small world story.

See You Next Year   Transitioning from semi-annual to annual cancer check-up.

I thought I was Superman  A train trip in the 70’s.

10,000 Years  I read this at a Poem Reading.

Ringing the Bell  An Outward Bound reflection.

Quietly. Home..  Penned on an overnight solo hike in the Colorado Rockies.

A Caveman’s Valentine:  You can take a caveman out of the country, but…

When I was a Plebe:  Reflection on Naval Academy Classmates.

Catch her on the Wye: Sustained friendships.

The Last Hike. Remembering Shamrock, our Yellow Lab.

Irish Rumble Strips:  Ireland trip report.

Levi Touching Love: More Levi.

The Box: A look back on my military service.

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