I’ve known you for 10,000 years,

I’ll know 10,000 more

This time and space reverberates

As random runes implore


The constellation of our scars

Criss-cross our journey’s sky,

Reveal the wounds I choose to keep

And those I bade goodbye


Hafiz nights with Sanskrit specks

Rumi days of grace and grit

Stepping stones burn deep within



Dance, unveiling


Our souls know no grief, just sacred

Etchings that taunt the timid while

Subtle sparks ignite the thaw

Casting light upon our scars


I know you as I always have

And suspect I always will

What seems so random is so profound

this vibration of our  souls


We’ve now danced for 10,000 years,

We’ve been this way before

Our supple souls are holding hands

Let’s dance 10,000 more

4 thoughts on “10,000 Years

  1. Thank you so much for being there – and understanding – we are young friends with old souls Love, Sandy

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