My inspiration from the 2012 Olympics..


The Olympic Games always seem to ignite an excitement in so many of us. For two weeks, the athletic dreams of our youth are thrust back into the forefront of our consciousness. As we watch the world’s greatest athletes compete on an international stage, we are often moved to tears by tales of the human spirit overcoming obstacles with sacrifice and hard work, just to earn an opportunity to represent their country on the Olympic Team. These tales resonate with the Little Olympian that still lies within each of us.

I know it does for me.

That “one” Olympic moment that calls us to action is different for everyone. Some swimmer will use Michael Phelps record-setting 22 medals as motivation. Somewhere a double-amputee has tears in her eyes watching South African Blade Runner Oscar Pistorious compete among the world’s elite two-legged runners. U.S. Beach Volleyball stars Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsch’s ‘Three-peat…

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