3 thoughts on “Day 7 Reflect and Respond

  1. Pat, it is so good to “see” you! I can’t wait to peruse more of your blog when I have a bit more time. Congrats on getting free of the medication. Also, gentleness and grace should you need it again! I hear you on the increased emotions. I have dealt over the years with severe mental health issues, and have had every medicine in the book thrown at me at one time or another. For some, I am grateful – at times they saved my life! At other times, I hated the effects, or the difficulty of the withdrawal process. I still take medication daily, in addition to my holistic practices, but the dose is as low as possible, and I also did a cut back two weeks ago myself. Here’s hoping it goes well. Feeling everything, and tuning into to the wisest version of myself. We are all works-in-progress. Loved the mantra…. things don’t happen to me, they happen FOR me. Stay well, and send some wilson family love to Lee!

  2. I’m so excited Leigh is feeling better!!
    Also, please explain the male poster behind you.
    Keep up your sense of humor.

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