One thought on “Contact Me

  1. aloha Pat, mike lyons here…
    stumbled upon your heart crumbling story about Addison. Crying in honor and sadness just comes and i like that i do and don’t turn the page or find a nicer something else to read. Another family in santa barbara just lost their beautiful 6 year old daughter to cancer. A family that was so good to me when i lived there , always an open door to walk through when i was down from my own families trials back on Oahu. Your dialogue to the world is so poignant as i never will know what to do or feel in deference to the utter complete pain of grief that fills every nook after a child dies. I feel your words deeply as my mom passed from cancer, and my older brother 9 months later from a brain tumor. The corner of darkness where i shelve my pain opens wide in remembrance of my personal journey with my family when i read about anothers hardship.
    Just thought i’d jump in from outta nowhere to send my aloha to you… and when i walk the beach(my true church) this morning with my dog, my time to breath and be grateful for all i have, i’ll spend some moments thinking of Addison and all the other wonderful spirits who are savoring their forever moments somewhere beyond beautiful. aloha mike

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